Monday, 5 October 2015

No Bake Healthy Chocolate Protein Balls


Need an indulgent protein balls recipe?

Look no further. What could be better than a healthy snack recipe - that tastes all fruity and chocolatey! No guilt - just pleasure. And these no-bake protein balls are super easy to make!

Healthy Jelly Snacks for Kids

Healthy & Healing Snacks for Kids!

I'm in love with these little healthy fruit jellies!

Since I've had a blanket ban on sugar in our household (fruit cordial, fizzy drinks, sweets and candies, children's breakfast cereals and low-quality chocolate), the kids feel a bit grumpy.

I know all their friends at school think I'm a bit of tyrant - but I don't care! I'm not giving in to peer pressure - not at the age of thirty-something!

Recently, my old school friend started a Facebook page called Archie's Allergies. Her son has severe multiple allergies and she posts the 'safe' recipes she cooks for her family. She has to be so careful what she gives to her children, but she does a great job of incorporating healthy and fun foods into their diet.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Aduki Bean & Coconut Curried Stew


This great vegetarian main dish is full of beans!

Without a doubt, this Aduki Bean & Coconut Curried Stew is one of the best vegetarian/vegan curries in my opinion - and everyone in my meat-eating household agrees!

It's a curry that never disappoints. You won't miss the lack of meat either - it's just so satisfying. Plus, I like an easy life, so if everyone enjoys and eats all their dinner - I'm a happy Mother Cooker!

Aduki beans are a little gem. They are smaller than haricot beans (familiar kiddy favourite - Baked Beans), so I call them baby beans! I also add a whole load of grated veg into this curry. No one knows - and they all yum it up!

The coconut milk makes the dish lovely and creamy. It's also a fantastic store-cupboard meal that's great for a meat-free Mondays. Very cheap and very nutritious.

Feel free to add some fresh chilli for a bit of a kick. I leave it out whilst the kids are young. Of course, if you are a vegan - leave out the yoghurt.

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