Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Clotted Cranberry Blood


Gross Halloween clotted blood drink

Okay, so it's not really blood, but a very spooky drink for Halloween I've done this drink without any alcohol, but if you fancy making it a bit punchier, then add a shot of vodka!

The first ingredient you need is some jelly. You could use a jar of cranberry jelly or make up a packet of jelly. I've used an apple and elderberry jelly that I made last month.

Now put a little on a plate and give it a blast in the microwave to melt it - it only needs a few seconds. Once it's melted, dip the rim of your glass in it and them dip it into some sugar.

Put some chunks of jelly in the bottom of your glass and top up with cranberry juice and a dash of cola. Lovely! That's the Halloween drinks sorted and it tastes like a treat.


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