Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What To Eat This Week - Good Food On A Budget

It's been a lean few weeks in the Mean household. We all have them from time to time so I thought I'd plan some really tasty food on a budget.

It's taken great discipline and planning, but we've managed it - even though I'm feeling the pressure from some Mean members to buy Cheerios - I will not give in.

My usual weekly shop consists of wondering round and grabbing what ever I fancy. I'll usually end up back at the supermarket a few days later buying more ingredients to cook something with the random ingredients I'd bought in the first place. And of course I'll end up buying a whole load more random ingredients which totally blows the food budget out of the water. This pattern continues until there's a load of rotten food in the fridge and out-of-date stuff in the cupboards.

So maybe this isn't about frugal food, but about eating what we actually buy instead of wasting it. Good for saving money and not over-consuming. It just takes a bit of planning.

I remember my dad always recounting tales of "back in the old days...". He would buy a whole sheep from a local farm, get them to butcher it and keep it in the chest freezer. Sounds okay doesn't it? But then he'd tell his three young daughters what he'd make with brains. "Where are my ballet shoes mummy?!" Now my mother's a vegetarian... I wonder why?

So taking inspiration from my early childhood, I've devised a weekly menu to make the most of your weekly shop. It is cheaper to eat vegetarian food and I find I can't eat meat every day. So if you're a big carnivore this might not be for you.

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