Monday, 25 April 2011

Sowing Seeds

Like every year, I've been busy in my greenhouse sowing my seeds for all the best veg that simply can't be bought in the supermarket.
Last year I was pregnant and went a bit over the top with the sowing and ended up with about 30 tomato plants. This would have been fine, except my daughter was born in July on a very hot week and all the greenhouse plants got totally neglected for a few weeks. So I've reined it in a little this year and gone for a few selected vegetables.
This year we will be enjoying only two varieties of tomatoes - Sweet Baby and Moneymaker. We will also be having Tiffany F1 Hybrid cucumbers, dwarf beans, mangetout, Jalapeno chilli peppers, mixed salad leaves and sugar snaps. I'm also growing a cluster of peas to use as pea shoots for salads.
I can't wait until it's time to harvest them!

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