Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Beginning of the End!

This could well be my last post for Mean Mother Cooker. You see it all started on Tuesday (four days ago) when I had one of my troublesome bunions corrected. I'm now not allowed to walk for two whole weeks. I've got to have this foot elevated for 55 minutes out of every hour - so no cooking for me.

Mr Mean has taken over and to be honest, I might try this sitting on my bum more often. He's doing a pretty good job - and this comes from one mean critic. Nope, no complaints here, I've been catered for very well!

Mr Mean has cooked:
- pasta with proccuttio, lemon, olive oil, pine nuts and chilli;
- pasta with chorizo and mushrooms with creme fraiche;
- chicken taco soup;
- slow cooker beef stew with an excellent Yorkshire pudding;
- a very lovely duck and chips.

Why would I ever need to cook again?! And he's done all this whilst working from home, and looking after two children. Wow! He is knackered though! Well done Mr Mean! I salute you! And I'm a very lucky woman to have you!

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