Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cleaning Eating & Clean Living?

My youngest is now four months old and I think it is about time to get back into shape. I'm guilty of eating way too much bad stuff. Chocolate biscuits are so easy to grab when you've got a screaming baby to feed and it would be rude not to have a big slab of cake when feeding a hungry baby in a cafĂ©! And we all know that sleepless nights leads to craving instant energy foods like cakes, biscuits, crisps, white bread and chocolate. 

You see I have the goal of being able to wear less clothing in the summer months. I'm under no illusion I'll be wearing a bikini (ever again) by the pool (not when you've had three sizable babies!), but I would like to take my cardi off! So it's time to ditch the stodge and start some cleanish living!

Of course, being the Mean Mother, I won't be eating boiled brown rice, steamed fish and steamed veg every day, so my aim is to make tasty Clean Eating meals and snacks so we don't get bored, because don't think for one minute I'm doing this on my own - oh no! The whole family is on the Clean Eating diet! Although the children might get more carbs than me and Mr Mean. Lots of veg, fruit, whole foods, lean protein.... I'm sure they will love it! Lots of recipes and ideas will be posted soon!
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