Tuesday, 20 October 2015

15 Gruesome Halloween Cupcake Recipes


Spooky Halloween Cupcake Recipes

If you are in need of some Halloween cupcake inspiration, well, you've come to the right place! I love Halloween for being a little bit more creative than usual. And you can get away with being plain gross! It's just a lot of fun to be had!

I've been having a nosey around t'internet and found these awesome Halloween cupcake ideas. You can give some of them a go or they might spark your creativity into making something spectacularly gruesome!

Go on, make those kiddies proud!

1. Strawberry Monster Cupcakes by Yummy Crumble


I just love these Monster Strawberry Cupcakes. They remind me of the Little Shop of Horrors - and not too scary for little ones!

2.  Witches Hat Cupcakes


These cute cupcakes are a carrot cake cupcake topped with an ice cream cone to make the hat - so cute!

3. Halloween Fang Cupcakes


This is a great tutorial on how to make these gory cupcake decorations. Awesome!

4. Witch Hat Cupcakes 

These are really cute and easy decorations for your spooky cupcakes. The kids will love to have a go at these with you.

5. Halloween Brain Cakes 


Oh yuck! Does anyone want a chunk of brain on their cupcake? They do on Halloween!

6. Halloween Eyeball Cake Decorations

How gruesome do these eyeballs look? But super easy to put together for maximum horror effect! Yes!

7. Cute Oreowls

These cupcakes are so super cute! I love them! The kids love them too!

8. Halloween Worm Cupcakes

Crushed chocolate biscuits make the soil for these yucky fudge worms!

9.  Spider Cupcakes

These sort of spiders are the only acceptable spiders! They are so cute and the kids will love to help with making them too!

10. Easy Creepy Cupcakes

Not so keen on these spiders - but look at that lovely orange icing!

11. Pull Apart Graveyard Cupcakes

How cool are these cupcakes? It might be difficult to tear them apart because they look so lovely!

12. Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

These are super-simple cupcakes with fluffy marshmallow icing. Gorgeous and spooky at the same time!

13. Spooky Spider Cakes

These are great little cakes to get the kids helping! So easy!

14. Halloween Ghost Cakes

What a great idea to make an super easy ghost cupcake!

15. Halloween Cupcakes

These are super pretty chocolate web cupcakes. Great idea if you haven't thought ahead and got a load of decorations in specially.

How are you celebrating Halloween? Have you created something horrifically brilliant? Please share your creations on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #freakycupcakes

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