This is me...
Holly, your Mean Mother Cooker! Before I had children I used to own a make-up shop with my sister.
I was young once
 Before that, I was a journalist.

I don't think they liked me that much, because they kept sending me on jobs that could have potentially ended my life... I'll do anything for a deadline!

Now I have a husband (Mr Mean) and three beautiful children. Finn -

 ... Emmy - 

 and Edward

 I'm one lucky mother!

I've always loved cooking from being very young. My Mummy was always making us lovely food and my Nana lived just down the road from us and I would often go round and help her bake. Her scones were legendary - I might even share her recipe with you one day! 

But it wasn't just my mother who loved cooking for us, my father was also an adventurous cook. He would cook dishes from all around the world and my sisters and I have a great love of food now. 

My sister, Annabel, has been on Britain's Best Dish and I got down to the audition stage of Masterchef 2012. I think my journey ended there because I'm more of a cook than a chef.

I love being a mum and looking after my family. I cook everyday and never find it a chore. For me, it relaxing, stress-relieving and the ultimate way of showing love and nourishing my family. I never buy ready-meals - partially because they are usually rubbish, but really it's because I'm a tight northerner that can't bring myself to fork out good money for a dish I could produce better and for less money!

My kids love to eat too, so I'm constantly looking for more healthy and fun snacks to keep them from hassling me the whole day long! And they have had to get used to the fact that they eat what we eat - otherwise they get nothing - harsh I know, but they are slowly learning!

So I thought I'd get to work on sharing some of my favourite recipes and stuff I'm cooking right now. Whether it's Nigella, Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall, Jamie Oliver or an old recipe from my dear Nana - I'll be putting it on here.

I hope you can get some inspiration if you're looking for some help in the kitchen. I know finding time to cook can be difficult, but with rising food prices I find I don't have a choice but to cook everything from scratch. It's a good job 
I enjoy it! 

In my spare time I like to dabble in the world of craft. In fact I can't decide which craft I like best! So I just do them all!
I also love to garden and can't wait for the growing season to start so I can get all my fruit and veg on the go! The kids also love to see what's going on in the garden - next year, I might get to eat some raspberries before them!

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Please feel free to stick around and take away some recipes!

Holly xxx

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