Juggling family life is hard at the best of times, so sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration to help at meal times.

I'm Holly, freelance writer, content marketer, mum of three children, and wife to one Mr Mean - life is always a bit manic. Me and Mr Mean always have so many projects on the boil. I find that I always need something to become obsessed with or I get a little bit bored. But we're never short of ideas, life adventures and business projects - so life is always fun and full of ambition. Even if we are knackered!

Food is one of my obsessions. I love food and want my children to experience food in a positive way. I'm determined to make them fresh, homemade, healthy food everyday. They enjoy treats too, but not on a regular basis.

If they don't want to eat their dinner - they don't get pudding. And pudding is usually fruit or Greek yoghurt with honey. Sometimes I'm strict and mean - but that's my job - I'm a mother and I'm trying to parent them boundaries and guidelines. It's all for their own good!

You can find out more about me here, or look at my PR and Advertising page.
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