Feeding a family can be a super tricky job. First of all you have to get them to eat, then when they just about like some of the stuff you're serving up - they start going out and doing hobbies at meal times. Who's eating what and when?

How do you keep it healthy and convenient? We all lead busy lives and it can be difficult to fit in real cooking. I personally make it my mission to cook real and healthy food everyday. It is a stressful job when you have a toddler practising their best scream and pulling your trousers down at the same time. Or maybe you have one of those kids who turns their nose up at everything. It can be really disheartening when those pesky kids won't eat something you've spent hours cooking. And even more frustrating if they won't even try it - because they don't like the look of it!

I think it's my job to be determined. That means keep on keeping on. That means not losing the plot when they won't eat something. That means keep doing what I'm doing - until they understand it's my way, or no way! If they don't eat a good amount of their dinner 'because they are full', they don't get a pudding. If they 'don't like it', they don't get any pudding until they've tried it.

I think it's fair to have rules when it comes to eating. If they know what the rules are and there's no squirming out of them - at some point, it's easier just for them to abide! I also think there's no point in raising voices or turning dinner time into a battle.

We all sit at the table for meal times - no exception. All food is eaten at the table - no mucky fingers on my sofa please! There is no children's food in my house. And by children's food, I mean branded children's food marketed at kids. I don't buy in to that. Most of them are packed with sugar and over priced.

I don't allow not liking any food. If they don't like it today - they might like it tomorrow. If you label a child as not liking something - you will never give it them. Therefore, they will never be able to like a food because you stopped giving it to them. With my daughter, it took her two years to eat and like cucumber - and I put it on her plate everyday.

Kids can be unpredictable too. One day they might eat and like something, the next day, they might not want to try it. Don't worry about it. Keep to the rules and keep on offering it.

Sibling rivalry also helps.

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